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Resources we use and wanted to share with you!


The Next Session Podcast is not affiliated with any of these sites or companies. 

Stuck on ideas? Use this brilliant website called Dndspeak! It has hag generators, curse generators, drug generators, tavern generators, NPC generators- campaign start ideas, plot hooks for different environments, trinkets, riddles. They're all sorted out, and can give great ideas! We encourage you to get inspired from this. Need a scary forest or haunted house encounter? What's in a grave? Prophecies? Weapon names? Tavern drinks? Fey boons? Magic landscapes? Temples- its all there!


We are always looking for useful resources and we stumbled across a blog that contains a total of 935 maps, free for use. If you want to support them, Dyson's Dodecahedron has a Patron running. The Next Session does not have any relation, but we wanted to share this amazing resource with you. 


Ever wonder where I search the spells for "Use That Spell?" It's! This site has every 5e spell listed from all the resources and the list is alphabetized and searchable! Check it out! 

Image by Jan Ranft

We recently discovered that there is background music and ambient sounds made specifically for some of the official adventures, including “Curse of Strahd”, “Waterdeep: Dragon Heist” and “Tomb of Annihilation”. This was a great discovery and addition for our personal games. It’s available on both YouTube and Spotify.

Sound Mixer

A quick and concise guide for new players and DMs looking to start their D&D Journey.  After reading the essentials, dive in to the fantastic resource that is D&D Beyond! It's got tools, books, media, forums, character creation, rules, and more! 


A fantastic resource for random creation (adventures/NPC's/treasure etc.) This is one of our favorites of the random generation websites out there. And if you don't know, now you know!

Image by Alperen Yazgı

A very well-thought-out and informative collection of essays and articles from creator Justin Alexander. You may have to wade through a lot to find the gem that pertains to your needs, but when you find it, it is usually very helpful. 


The Monsters Know What They Are Doing is a fantastic blog from writer Keith Ammann aimed at DMs who want some strategy for their battles, looking to add flavor and challenge, and some time saving tips. He even has a book out that is a compilation of villainous battle plans for Dungeon Masters. I highly recommend this blog. 

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